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I Want To Start A Blog – What Platform Should I Use?

With all the latest advancements in communications and technology, blogging has peaked as an integral part of business and customer communications. With several different industries to consider and a vast amount of angles to cover there are several new blogging platforms that allow businesses to explore their ability to reach out to the big wide world. Some platforms offer a more focused appeal while others are very broad in their approach.

Where do I begin when considering how to start a Blog ?

The hard part in blogging is figuring out where to start. Most businesses jump into using WordPress or Blogger.com for their blog because they are easy to set-up and get started, however new alternatives are emerging all the time.

No one wants to invest precious time in creating posts on a blog that may not be the best one for them. In that case, the more broad sites will be the best place to start. The latest new blog platform from the creators of Twitter is called “Medium”. This is a great platform for anyone to bring attention to their endeavors. The whole site is geared towards long-form literary style content and offers very easy categorizing that helps users find exactly what they want.

But I am a business professional – isn’t blogging just for teens and journalists ?

No, not any longer. The world wide web has changed to accommodate nearly all demographics. The popular business professional website Linkedin has recently implemented the use of a new publishing platform that allows business professionals to post fresh, new content related to their field of interest and automatically share it with other professionals in their network, and beyond. This will allow users to share valuable information that may have otherwise been untold and with the use of an AI writer tool, creating content and putting it out will be easier than ever.

What other types of business blogging platforms are there?

Another great example of niche blogging platform that is increasing in popularity is Exposure.so. This platform is based on visual presentations. They encourage their users to share content in the form of a visual narrative. This would be especially helpful to any visual artists or photographers.

Blogging can be a highly valuable tool to increase the visibility and reach of your business. People are using new platforms and resources from an auto blog writer to relate to their customers and consumers, so it is important not to miss out on this highly valuable channel of exposure.

Of course blogging and regularly providing your audience and future hirers with great content is just the beginning – the tougher part is attracting a loyal, growing readership and using social media effectively can help to drive repeat traffic and more followers and fans.

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