how to create apps like angry birds

So You Want To Become An App Developer?

The use of smartphones, tablets and related technology has become one of the biggest crazes in the last decade. In the last few years, the emergence of different web and mobile applications for smartphones and other mobile devices has provided us with a new found sense of entertainment. One of those applications may include bro138.

We’re no longer just calling and texting people, now we’re playing Angry Birds with a smile on our lunch break or betting on sites like¬†10X10BET or we’re looking confused sitting in the park playing Words With Friends. So, if we have all these applications out now (literally thousands if you look in the Google Play Store or Apple Store), you must have considered at one point, “How easy is it to be an app developer?”

How can you learn to be an app developer and what kind of training would you need?

There are several routes from learning online from one of the many course providers like, other cheaper short courses online or getting a placement with an established digital games company. Getting to learn all of the tools, techniques and practices can only come with time and a considerable personal investment – so you’ve got to love Apps and be really motivated to last the course. If you are considering your University course options, then perhaps the best thing to do is to apply for a Computer Science degree and select all the appropriate application modules.

What type of platforms can you create and run apps on?

Mobile apps can be developed on quite a few platforms – such as Android and Apple, and some of the most common programming languages you will need to master are Java, HTML5, Flash, Python and of course CSS for custom styling. Alternatively, you could focus more on graphics design, music and animation – now disciplines in there own right – and in big demand too.

After you learn how to make a mobile app – how do you go about launching it?

First you should realize your creative strengths and what you want to make out of an app. Create your own software and a trial app of your own. Then team up with some app developers and talk to other developers to guide the mental process and then code up and launch your app. Networking is as important as the actual work you do.

Working as an app developer can be tough, but also very fun and rewarding. Starting from the bottom and slowly working on apps and programs, having trial offers and learning from your mistakes will really help you as a developer to discover your strengths and mature.

Follow that with intellectual collaboration and research, and the road to creating the next Angry Birds may be a shorter than one may think.

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