Women in Tech: We Need More of You

It’s no secret that women are extremely outnumbered in IT, science and engineering careers. This is extremely true in technological occupations such as programming and web design. The key question is: Why do women only hold 26 percent of all IT and computer related jobs?

Are Women Exposed to Tech Jobs Adequately?

In most cases, it would appear that women are not taught or shown the possibilities in the tech world in the same capacity as men. Women see the tech industry as something that is very male dominated and oriented, and thus don’t even attempt to enter this field of work in the first place.

Is There Discrimination Against Women in Tech?

There may not be overt discrimination, but it is apparent that women are very intimidated by the tech atmosphere and can find it challenging from a social standpoint. Women who feel that way can work with lawyers to understand an intimidating work environment. Many current women professionals in IT and tech note that it is hard to find peers in tech, making it harder to progress their careers and even relate to co-workers in general.

How Can We Help More Women Find Tech Careers?

Many female IT professionals in tech today have cited the importance of a mentor to many young women. With a role model to look up to in a tech career, a woman is much more likely to become interested in the field and research careers and opportunities available within it.

Clearly, women are underrepresented in the tech industry today. While some of this is due to the nature of the work being performed, most of this trend is arguably due to women being conditioned away from these types of occupations. More women should indeed be encouraged down this path and should be led by a mentor who can help show them the ropes and navigate a traditionally male dominated industry.

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