Why Work Here: Turning a Potential Snag into a Golden Opportunity

“Why do you want to work here?” – Your answer to this seemingly innocent question is essential in convincing a potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

Employers look for recruits who are enthusiastic and interested in the company because they become productive and dedicated employees.

Here are some tips for making your answer help to set you apart from other applicants.

First, you must conduct thorough research on the company in which you are seeking employment. In addition to searching the company’s homepage, you should search for articles written about it and check if it has a YouTube channel. Also, you can search sites such as Glass Door and The Job Crowd to help you understand the company culture.

Based on this research, decide why you want to work for the company. Develop your answers based on two or three of the following main topics: the organisation’s products and services that interest you, the organisation’s culture, any recent challenges or successes facing the company, the organisation’s philosophy and any training the company offers. Be sure to avoid discussing the potential salary and benefits of the position because this shows you are more interested in money than working for a great company.

Once you formulate your answers, make them stand out by adding reasoning. For example, explain that you are the best candidate based on your personal skills and experiences that match the company’s philosophy. This approach provides a subtle chance for you to show off your skills.

Don’t forget that the entire hiring process is a personal sales pitch and you must take every opportunity to explain why the employer should choose you. What will truly impress employers is your ability to analyse your research to match your skills and ideals with the company’s needs and values.

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