Quick Tips and Tricks to Perfect Your Curriculum Vitae

In the professional sphere, a curriculum vitae is the next step up from a resume and can demonstrate your strengths and important attributes to a potential employee.

However, many people make mistakes on their CV that are easy to correct.

Writing a curriculum vitae is simple as long as you follow common grammatical rules that demonstrate professional, articulate writing and good structure.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the CV is avoiding misspelled words; do not rely on a spell check program to catch these for you since these can gloss over many misspellings.

Also important is to not overuse capital letters and to use apostrophes correctly and sparingly.

A curriculum vitae should also be written in the first person, while tenses throughout should be kept consistent. Finally, make sure you are clear and concise by explaining any abbreviations that you use and avoiding semi colons if they aren’t absolutely necessary.

By applying what you have learned from a standard college writing course, it is easy to correctly write a curriculum vitae. Ensure that you edit and check a CV multiple times so that grammar and spelling are all perfect so that an employer isn’t distracted from your accomplishments and work experience.

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