Writing the perfect CV

Here’s some rules and principles that can improve your curriculum vitae (CV) preparation, sell your skills, get you an interview and hopefully even a job.

Make sure your personal information is up to date. You want to make sure people can find you quickly. Check your address and your phone numbers and any other information you will be giving potential recruiters. Don’t use embarrassing emails.

Next, keep in mind that your most recent experience is what most recruiters will be interested in.

Obviously never lie, keep everything factual, do not presume you know things you really don’t. Chances are you can’t fool an expert.

Try to keep it to two pages at maximum but be aware there are different styles of CVs. There’s the “job skills” CV which should be a maximum of one page. Then there’s the “current job description” CV which could be a maximum of two pages. And finally there’s the “past accomplishments” CV which could be as many pages as you like but this usually goes in a client report.

You should briefly cover any previous job experience, any awards and hobbies and interests.

– Keep it simple but be aware there are different styles for different audiences

• job skills – recruiter

• current job description – hiring within the company

• past accomplishments – client reports

– Keep it relevant

– Keep it concise

– Ask yourself “So what?”

– Keep it factual

– List achievements rather than replicating a job description

– Talk positively and enthusiastically – use empowering words like “Responsible for”, “Ensured” etc

– Don’t have false modesty – if you are proud of what you have achieved get it on your CV

– Don’t presume people know what you have done – spell it out

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